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Crypt Source is an open-source library for PHP which encrypts the HTML of web pages. This deters unwanted caching of web content and modification of the source code. One reason to implement Crypt Source could be to deter cheating of a web-based game.

Crypt Source provides HTML source protection while maintaining compliance with existing web standards, including HTML5, for cross browser compatibility without the need for any plugins or extensions. Crypt Source also enables the placement of both encrypted and non-encrypted content on a web page, so that sensitive content can be encrypted while still making the page SEO-friendly for search engines.

While it's impossible to create a non-decryptable web page that can still be rendered by web browsers, Crypt Source uses a 3-part technique to make decryption difficult. The web content is encrypted with a single-use main encryption key, which is then encrypted and placed into a decryption file. A secondary key is required to decrypt the main key, and the secondary key can only be retrieved after the main key is deleted from the web server.

Click the button below to download the Crypt Source library available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The downloadable file includes 5 sample files that demonstrate how Crypt Source can be implemented.

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Crypt Source was originally developed in Jan 2011 by Josh Abbott.
The latest release is version 1.1 released on May 6, 2015.

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